I completed my Doctoral Degree in Philosophy at Western University (London, Canada) in 2023. I also hold an MA from Simon Fraser University and a BA from Zhejiang University.

Currently, I am an independent researcher, pursuing a career related to postsecondary education, with a focus on academic writing and editing.
  • As an independent philosopher:
    • I am actively working on causation and philosophy of science. See Academic Research for my publications and work in progress. I am also expanding my interests to philosophy of cognitive science and political philosophy.
    • Additionally, I aim to advocate for Diamond Open Access (DOA) Journals in Philosophy and try my best to publish my work in DOA journals.
  • As a writing mentor and academic tutor:
    • I teach students how to write a good essay, like what a responsible teaching assistant or academic advisor would do. Philosophers are well-known for their capabilities of critical thinking and analytic writing. Equipped with these advantages, I will help students conquer difficulties in their studies and maximize their potential to the fullest.
    • Being a non-native speaker myself, I deeply understand the challenges of English writing. Consequently, one of my goals as an educator is to champion and advance linguistic and epistemic justice in academic writing.